Jazz 10,000 SMS Package Monthly Code

Are you looking for a Jazz 10000 SMS Package Monthly Code 2024? Which provides you with more bulk SMS packages for less money. Do you want to talk to your loved ones freely day and night and not be disappointed even if the SMS package ends? If you are looking for such a package, then you have come to the right page.

Now you don’t have to worry about this at all because Jazz has brought you such an afro. By getting this you can get rid of these problems. This offer is a golden chance for jazz users. Now you can get 10000 SMS in Rs. 30. We will tell you its full details below you can subscribe from the Jazz World app through an inline or offline code.

When you read our article in full detail. So you will be able to get the Jazz monthly SMS package very easily. Up with ease, you will know how to get this bundle through offline code or an inline jazz word app. Read this article to know its full details. we guide all jazz 1 hour call package on this website.

Jazz 10000 SmS Package Monthly Code 2024

Jazz Company has recently launched a new feature for its users. It is called Make Your Bundle. There are two ways to subscribe to Jazz Miss Message. You can subscribe to the Jazz monthly SMS package bundle offline or online using Jazz MYOB.

  • With the Jazz World App
  •  With Jazz 10000 SMS package monthly code
  • Jazz 10000 SMS Package Code *30330#

Jazz Monthly SMS Package In 47 Rupees Code

Charges47.79 Rupees
Validity1 Month
On-Net Minutes0 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes0 Minutes
SMS10000 SMS
Internet MBsUnlimited MBs

Jazz Monthly SmS Package in 30 rupees

Now Jazz has brought Jazz’s monthly SMS package for its users at Rs 30. which offers Jaz monthly SMS package service at a very low cost. This is the cheapest offer from Jazz to its customers. By subscribing to this bundle, you can stay in touch with your loved ones day and night for a month.

You can access your important information. You can share your thoughts. You can restore any connection with this package. This offer is affordable and hassle-free. Here are the details of this monthly SMS offer from Jazz. you can subscribe jazz weekly whatsapp bundle.

Original PriceRs 30
Updated PriceRs 40
Subscription Code*303*30#
Validity1 Month

Jazz 10,000 SMS Package Monthly Code 50 Rupees

Jazz 10,000 SMS Package Monthly Code 50 Rupees

Jazz 10000sms for Rs 50 is currently not available. So currently AFR of Rs.47.

Jazz Monthly SMS Package


With the Jazz World App

If you want to activate your package easily, you can use the online Jazz World app. Simply follow these simple steps to activate Jazz’s monthly text bundle.

  • Download the Jazz Word app from your Play Store.
  • Then sign it up.
  • Log in to the app and go to the Create Your Bundle section.
  • Select the SMS that you want to activate. Then select the number of that SMS.
  • Then after that select your bundle duration.
  • Then enter the number on which you want to activate the offer.
  • Then pay the price that the Jazz Word app will give you. After that, this Jazz Message Package will be activated on your SIM.

With Jazz 10000 Sms Package Monthly Code

With Jazz 10000 Sms Package Monthly Code*303#

If you want to subscribe offline to Jazz monthly SMS package for 30 rupees, then you should read this paragraph carefully. Whatever steps are given to you in this paragraph? By following this you can activate your package without any problem. Follow the steps below.

  • Dial this code *303# in your mobile phone dialer.
  • Press 3 to select 30 days.
  • Reply with 1 to continue the process.
  • If you don’t want to go to the next page, reply with the 0 button.
  • Again repeat the same process and press 0 to go to the next page.
  • Press 0 again to go to the next page.
  • Now type your desired SMS number on the dial pad (10,000) and send.
  • Reply with 1 button to confirm.

After completing this process, in a few seconds, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone screen about activating the Jazz Monthly Bundle. 30 rupees will be deducted from your account when your package is active.

Jazz Custom SMS Package for Rs.30

Jazz Custom SMS Package for Rs.30

You can also customize your package with this offer. Before using it you have to estimate how much data tax or calls you need. This monthly SMS package is designed to give you ultimate flexibility in testing. Now you don’t have to worry about time constraints or limited messages. You can stay connected with your friends, relatives, and family all day long without any problem. This will be

  1. Dial this code *303# to subscribe it.
  2. Now click the one button and send it.
  3. Now click on the 0 button and send.
  4. Type 0 again and send.
  5. Type 0 for next.
  6. Then after typing 10000 click send.
  7. If you want to confirm your package, click the one button.
  8. Now Upjaz can get Basani’s monthly SMS package for Rs.30.

How to Check the Remaining SMS?

You can dial this code *303*30# on your mobile phone’s dial pad and you can check Jeez monthly package balance SMS for Rs.30. To check it online, you can also see its complete details through the Up Jazz Word app.


Throughout this article, I have told you about Jazz’s monthly SMS packages. Jazz provides this easiest and cheapest package for its users. No other SIM company is offering SMS packages at such a low price. I have told you about its validity period and cost. How to subscribe to this offer how to unsubscribe code and how to unsubscribe.


Q:1 What is a jazz package for 30 rupees?

Ans: This Jazz offer allows its users to enjoy 200 MB 50 SMS and unlimited Jazz minutes for 24 hours. This offer will be available for Rs 30 inclusive of tax only.

Q:2 What is the SMS code for Jazz monthly?

Ans: To activate the Jazz 10,000 per month package, dial this code *706# on your mobile phone dial pad. dial On dialing this code, you will get Jazzms monthly for 30 days. You will receive the activation of the package through a confirmation message. Dial this code *706*4# to unsubscribe from this Jazz Monthly super duper offer.

Q:3 How do unsubscribe from the Jazz monthly SMS package for Rs 30?

Ans: If you want to unsubscribe from this monthly SMS package of Upjaz. So type all these on the dial pad of your mobile phone and send it to 6611.

Q:4 What is Jazz’s monthly SMS package?

Ans: This monthly jazz SMS package is valid for one month. Its price is 47 rupees 79 paise. This package provides up to 10 thousand SMS.

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