We will provide you with complete information about all monthly jazz package and their codes in this article. Such as monthly TikTok package jazz code in Pakistan jazz daily package their codes jazz weekly package their full details jazz Daily offer. Weekly Afar Monthly Afar Jaz Daily Smart Package will also provide their codes and answers to all your queries. We hope you can read our article to get complete details of all TikTok packages. We request you to read our entire article.

Monthly TikTok Package Jazz Code in Pakistan

Jazz Monthly TikTok Packages

Jazz Monthly TikTok Package Code

Jazz company has made this offer available to users who are looking for a monthly internet bundle to use the TikTok app but don’t worry Jazz Up has brought cheaper and better internet data up for this data. Can access a reasonable amount. Which can be used only for that. So Jaez Telecom Pakistan has launched a single monthly package.

TikTok Package Jazz Monthly Code For 3GB Data

If you want to subscribe to the monthly TikTok Offer on your mobile phone. So Jeez is giving you this code you just dial this code *11731# on your mobile phone dial pad and you can get the monthly offer. To subscribe to this offer, you must have PKR 500 in your SIMViolet.

Jazz TikTok Monthly Package Code & Details (3 GB)

In this paragraph, I am going to tell you about the Jazz TikTok packages it is for these users. Who are trying to find the internet data of this app, I am going to tell you about the best reasonable, and cheapest TikTok packages. Stay connected with our page.

.You can use it only for this app, you just need to dial this code *11731# on your mobile phone and you can avail of this offer by applying the monthly offer of this app. So you have only Rs. 500 is required.

Jazz TikTok Package Code And Price

Monthly **117*31#Rs. 500
Daily*117*11#Rs. 15
Weekly *1177# Rs 75

Daily TikTok Offer Code Jazz

If you want to install a daily package of Tik Tok then you have come to the right page. In this daily smart package, you can get only 30 MBs of internet data for using this app. If you want to activate this package, then dial this code *1145# from the dial pad of your mobile phone. If you are still looking for this package, its complete details are given in the table below.

Jazz Daily TikTok Packages

Jazz Daily Tik Tok package which people use avidly. It is very reliable for those who want to use it on a daily basis. You can enjoy and benefit from this internet data activity and easy subscription with legitimate Telecom Pakistan with full confidence and affordable prices. If you want to apply this package then you can subscribe to the valid daily offer.

We have collected all packages for legitimate internet data users 24 hours a day. So that you can choose it easily and in the best way. We have provided you with the information we received. Now we will tell you how to subscribe to this package and also its prices and check code. For more information, one can study the paragraph and table below.

Jazz Dialy TikTok 50MB Package Code & Detail

If you use the TikTok app, I have brought you 500 MB of internet data that you can use for 24 hours (one day). And it is giving legitimate internet data to Afraup. All you have to do is dial this code on the dial pad of your mobile phone.*11711# If you want to know more details about this legitimate offer, then you can visit the complete details in the table below.

Jazz Daily TikTok Offer 1 GB

Apart from all these packages, this 1 GB TikTok package of Jazz is the most active package, just dial this code 1174#. And get 1GB of internet data for this app for just Rs 35.

Jazz Daily TikTok Offer 2GB

It is very easy to subscribe to Jazz Daily to G TikTok package. This package offers up to 2GB of internet data for just Rs 16. And this ifr is only for 24 hours, the timing of this ifr is from 12 am to 12 pm. If you want to activate this bundle, you can get this offer by dialing this code *757# from your mobile phone dial pad.

Jazz TikTok Package 7 days

Jazz Weekly TikTok Packages

Jazz Company has introduced TikTok weekly packages. They are very cheap and have a good base, making this weekly package a great and golden chance for fans of this app. They can enjoy using this package. Jeez Telecom Pakistan provides better service connectivity for this internet data. Apart from that, it also offers the best and easiest subscription for it. You can now subscribe to the Jazz Weekly package on your Jazz SIM card today. And you can use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For those using the Jazz service who have opted for this package, we have collected all the bundles and offers that are currently available to eligible service users to make it easier. The information we have collected for the Jazz TikTok Package is presented to you in order. In this paragraph, you have been told in complete detail about package subscription codes their prices receivers check codes, and these subscription codes.

Jazz TikTok Weekly Offer 2.5 GB code & Details

For the users of Jazz Internet data service, the company has offered Jazz TikTok Weekly with 2.5 GB of Internet data for its users. This app is a better and better app for lovers. To apply this offer just dial this code *11714# on your mobile phone dialpad and you can get this package on the same day but you need to know this. That your sim card should have a balance of Rs.60. To know more package details you can visit the table below.

Jazz Weekly Smart Social Package Code & Details

700 MB and net data can be downloaded for just Rs 75 to use TikTok and other social media apps. If you want to avail this weekly package then dial *1177# to activate this offer. This offer is valid for 7 days only.

How To Subscribe To Jazz TikTok Packages?

If you want to subscribe to the jazz TikTok package then don’t worry it is very easy. As you know every package has its unique activation code. So you just need to know the jazz codes here that you are looking for and you can benefit from it. As you know we have mentioned the codes above in this article. Read and select the package you want to activate and follow these steps.

  • First, you select the package you need. And that package-up should be better in terms of pocket budget
  • . Then you also have to pay attention to the mobile phone in which you are installing the package. The SIM is also inserted in it, after that you open the dial pad of your mobile phone, and then dial the code of the package you want to install, for example, you want to install a weekly TikTok package on your Jazzy SIM.
  • So dial this code *11731#, and then Jazz will send you a confirmation message from its side it usually takes a few seconds.
  • But sometimes it may take a few minutes. Then when you receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone screen, you can read this message to confirm that your package has been activated.

Terms & conditions

  1. Before recharging you should note that every recharge is subject to an advance income tax rate of .15%.
  2. Currently, the sales tax rate in the Federal Territory of Islamabad is  16%
  3. While the sales tax rate in other cities and Azad Jammu and Kashmir is 19.5%, there is no condition on it.
  4. GB Gilgit Baltistan is exempt from any tax mentioned above.
  5. A late payment fee of PKR 50 will be charged on any bill after the stipulated date when no conditions are met.


My purpose in writing this article is that in this article I have told you about Jazz TikTok Packages. In it, details of all its packages and their codes, daily packages, weekly monthly, and all its types of packages are given.


Q1: What is an 85 rupees jazz package?

Ans: 85 This is an unforgettable package you can use this package for one week. You can use it for a few passes a day so that you can get 50 GB of internet data inclusive of tax from 12 am.

Q2: What is the code for jazz weekly tik tok

Ans: Want to know about the Up Jazz Weekly TikTok package code? So we will give you its complete information. Open the dial pad of your mobile phone and dial this code *11714#. Your Weekly TikTok package will be activated.

Q3:What is the*7617# jazz monthly package?

Ans: You dial #7617* now and get 3 SMS 10 GB 3G 4G data 300 jis minutes 50 other network minutes WhatsApp emo and Facebook and another 300 network minutes for one month. Dial this

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