In this article, we will provide you with complete information about the Jazz monthly WhatsApp package. We will tell you how you can get a monthly WhatsApp package for Rs 70. How the Jazz WhatsApp package caters to the messaging needs of its users from one place to another.

As far as we know, Jazz provides many different types of packages. But we can’t say any package is unanimously better. If you want to know the complete information about the WhatsApp package of Up Jazz. So this article is going to be very useful for increasing knowledge. We will provide you with complete information on how to activate the package, stay tuned to our article.

Benefits and Features

  • It also has unlimited Jazz to Jazz minutes.
  • There is also a certain number of off-net minutes.
  • You can also get all network-limited SMS internet bundles in this package.
  • And you can use social media access for 30 days.

Jazz Monthly Call Package Code 70 Rupees 1000 Minutes

Jazz Monthly Call Package Code 70 Rupees 1000 Minutes

You can get this monthly call package that Jazz gives you on a budget of Rs.70. This is the best Afar for calling. This package also takes into account your budget but also simplifies your communication steps through BSMS and calls to networks other than Jazz. You can get in this offer. Free On-Net Minutes Free Off-Net Minutes and Free Internet MBs This package which Legislature is providing you for Rs.75 you can subscribe it for Rs.74.

To get this valid monthly package you need to have Rs 70 in your SIM Violet After that you can subscribe to this offer. To install this package, dial this code *69961# in the dialpad of your mobile phone. Your package will be activated then you can get information about this package through SMS. Or dial this code *69962# in the dial pad of your mobile phone to check the package activity. You will receive a confirmation SMS. You can see. Whether the package has been activated or not.

Jazz Monthly Call Package Details

First of all the package that I am telling you about is the cheapest monthly package for Jazz. With this, you can get 100 Jazz to Jazz minutes for 30 days only for Rs 40. This is Jazz’s cheapest monthly call package. And this offer has no break time. You can update it 24 hours a day. And if you want to activate this offer on your Jazz SIM then you have to dial your code. *710#

Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees

Suppose you use UpJazz’s service. If you want to get your call package on a better budget then you can get this monthly offer for 70 rupees. We will tell you in detail about three different packages which are very suitable and best according to your budget.

Dial 30330# from your active Jazz Sim 4G number and make your bundle with on-net minutes, off-net minutes, SMS, and MBs details with 30 days validity.

Make Own Offer

Make Own Offer

If you want to get a bundle on your Jazz SIM with your choice. So you dial this code *30330# on the dial pad of your mobile phone and you will get 30 days of NetMints WhatsApp, and Facebook NetMints Now you can bundle on your mobile phone as per your choice.

Package NameMake Your Own Offer
PriceRs. 70 Only
Validity30 Days
Off-Net MinutesYou Select
On Net MinutesYou Select
Internet DataYou Select
SMSMake Your Offer


If you want to use this package for one day. So it will cost more if you want to use it for a week. So its price will be separate if you want to use it for a month then its price will be separate as you increase your package the prices will also increase.


It must be known to you that the actual cost of Jaz Monthly Savings Afar is 70 rupees excluding tax. In this case, the final tax value after ATI GST and FED is Rs.250.

Monthly Discount Offer

Jazz’s third offer package is what we call the Discount Call Offer. This package allows Jazz service users to make long-term calls at cheaper and better rates for their subscribers. It also lets you stay connected with your family members, friends, and business associates for hours to days.

Now you can get 500 Jazz minutes, 2500 SMS, and 30 other internet minutes for Rs 70. Dial this code on your mobile phone dial pad to subscribe.

Package NameCall Discount Offer
PriceRs.70 Only
Off-Net Minutes30
On Net Minutes500
Internet Data2500
Required LoadRs.99
To Subscribe*699*6*1#
Validity30 Days
We give a tip and description in it. This is the discount call package. Can use it for 30 days. So prepaid users can avail of this package.

I am giving you a comparison of the Make Your Bundle Jazz Monthly Savings Offer and Discount Call Package in the table below.

FeaturesMake Your Own BundleJazz Mahana Bachat OfferDiscount Call Package
PriceStart at Rs. 10025099
ValidityYour choice3030
MinutesYour choice300500
SMSYour choice10002500
Other benefitsVariesFree 3G/4G dataFree 3G/4G data
Best For

Jazz Mhana Bacht Offer

Now Jaz has brought you monthly Bajt Afar in which Jaz is giving you 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 4GB internet data 1000 SMS/ 300 Jaz to Jaaz minutes. Dial this code in your mobile phone dial pad to subscribe to this package. Select the eligible monthly savings as you wish.

Package NameJazz Mahana Bachat Offer
PriceRs.70 Only
Validity30 Days
On Net Minutes300
Off-Net Minutes50
Internet Data4GB
To Subscribe*614#
Required LoadRs. 250
  • This table is for those who want to customize their package.
  • This is for those who want a simple better and cheaper plan.
  • People who want to get lots of Jazz SMS and Minutes.

So the best plan Jazz provides to its users. Which packages plan according to the needs of their customers, if seen, you usually need a good condition package plan. The first package is to create your own bundle. This is the best choice. Jaz Monthly Savings Afar is the best option for you if you have a cheap budget. Similarly, if you need a lot of SMS and call minutes, then the long-term discount call package is a great option for you.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees Remaining Data

Jazz users will be well aware that Jazz has introduced the Jazz Word app to provide details of all its packages. It is the best solution for customers who use Jazz service. They install legitimate Word apps on their mobile phones and click on the required code of the package they want to install and their package will be subscribed.

One thing to note is that we can also call this evergreen package.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees Pros and Cons

PriceAffordableLow Validity
SMSGood AmountNo International Calling
MinutesGood AmountLimited Off-net minute
Internet DataFree 4000MB

Jazz Weekly Call Package Code 70 Rupees

You will be surprised to know that the Jazz weekly call package is also available for Rs 70. And this call package is a popular offer called Fantastic Weekly Offer. Now we will let you know its complete details. This package is valid for the same day. It is offering Afarup for Rs 70 including 2500 SMS weekly for all networks, 25 Jazz minutes, and 25 other networks. Your SimViolet must have a balance of Rs 75 to avail of this offer.

Data 2.5GB
On-Net Minutes2500
Off-Net Minutes 25
SUB-Code *565#
Required LoadRs.75
Price Rs.70
Validity 7 Days

Terms and Condition

  • This package cannot be used for out-of-country calls.
  • This package includes only 4G internet data.
  • This package has local SMS access.
  • If you exceed the duration of your packages, you will be charged per SMS or per minute.
  • This package is prepaid and available to customers using the Jazz service.
  • You need to have Rs.70 to subscribe to all these packages.
  • The package is non-refundable once subscribed.
  • If you have a balance in your Jazz SIM, you can subscribe to the package again.


If you are using the Jazz service. If you want this service to give you a low-cost, good, and cheap package plan, then this Afar is the best option for you. You can get thousands of minutes, free SMS, free internet, and MBs. Remember, if you need international or offline calling, you can consider another package plan.


Q1: What is the Jazz monthly call package of 70 rupees?

Ans; To avail of Jazz New Super SIM offer, you need to dial this code *699 *4# on your mobile phone dial pad. can dial and get 6 jazz SMS and jazz minutes 6GB data and 30 other network minutes inclusive of tax for Rs.70.

Q2: What is the Jazz 99 rs package monthly?

Ans: Now you can chat freely with your loved ones on WhatsApp with Jazz’s monthly WhatsApp package. The price of this bundle is only Rs 99 inclusive of tax Get 5000 MBs 12000 SMS for WhatsApp on all local networks.

Q3: What is *476# in the jazz monthly call package?

Ans: Now to subscribe to Jazz Super New SIM Offer you can dial this code *476# on your mobile phone dial pad and you can get it. For just Rs 78 inclusive of tax in this offer you will get 6 Jazz SMS 6 GB data and 30 other network minutes

Q4: How do you check the remaining Status?

Ans: Suppose you want to check the weekly status. So you can check the relevant status of your package by dialing this code 6996*2# from the dial pad of your mobile phone.

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