Welcome to the world of the Jazz Monthly TikTok Package. The package we are going to tell you about. It is the ultimate solution for non-stop entertainment and seamless connectivity. You can enjoy high-speed internet using this offer. With this app, you can stay connected with your dear friends and family. Through this package, you can highlight your skills in front of the Basani world. This package is very useful for watching videos or downloading TikTok videos.

Monthly TikTok Package Jazz 5GB Code 2024

Internet users in Pakistan use this app very fondly. That’s why we have brought this app for the monthly package, which we have mentioned below.

Package NameSubscription CodeData Allowance
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus
15 GB (10 GB from 2AM to 2PM)*707#
Jazz Monthly TikTok Package
5 GB in 85PKR*117*1#

Monthly TikTok Package Jazz Code in Pakistan

Jazz Company has launched a brand new monthly internet package for the TikTok app for its users. This Jazz monthly package offers five thousand MB for 30 days for this app. There is another way to activate this package. You can get this bundle from the Up Jazz Word app for just Rs.83.

Stream your content without interruptions up to five GB of internet data; browse; and create; can do And that’s one of the best parts of it. You can activate this package easily. And you can use it better by avoiding any problems.

Package NamePriceDataValidity
Jazz Monthly TikTok Package (12 am to 7 pm)Rs. 85 (Incl. Tax)5 GB30 Days

Jazz Monthly TikTok Offer 3 GB

Jazz Monthly TikTok Offer 3 GB

If you already know this app. And you want your connection to this app to be as good as possible for video streaming. So you can activate this 3 GB TikTok bundle. You will get this package for Rs 300 if you want to get this bundle. So dial this code *11731# from the dial pad of your mobile phone.

Package NameValidityMBsTikTok Package CodePrice
Jazz Monthly 3GB TikTok Offer30 Days3 GB*117*31#Rs. 300
  1. If you want to activate this 3GB internet data package on your Jazz SIM. So you can dial this code *11731# from your mobile phone dial pad.
  2. This offer is provided by Jazz for one month.
    If you want to check the remaining MB then dial this code *11731*2#.
    This offer will be available on a budget of 300 rupees.
  3. If you want to unsubscribe from this offer then dial this code *11731*4#.
  4. Dial this code *11731*3# to get more offer information.

Jazz Monthly TikTok Package Code 2024

You may find that each company offers a package for each electricity. Similarly, it is also providing 2024 offers for its users. Which provides data from 4G to 25GB per month. You can also subscribe yourself when this package expires. You don’t have to worry about running out of data. Now you can choose the cheapest and best TikTok package of your choice.

Package NamePriceData Allowance
Jazz Monthly TikTok MaxRs. 73025 GB
Jazz Monthly TikTokRs. 38012 GB
Jazz Monthly TikTok LiteRs. 2154 GB

Experience Blazing Fast Internet Speed with the Jazz Internet Package

Now Jazz TikTok is providing a fast package with packages for its users. This is giving you an opportunity to enjoy videos in a good way without stopping video streaming and TikTok video downloads.

Jazz Internet PackageValidityData AllowancePrice
Jazz Monthly Extreme Internet Package30 Days25 GB + 25GB (2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)
Rs. 120
Jazz Monthly Premium Internet Package30 Days12 GBRs. 620
Jazz Monthly Supreme Internet Package30 Days20 GB + 10GB (2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)Rs. 885


We have provided you with complete information about Jazz TikTok Monthly Packages in this article. In this we offer you 30-day packages which include 25 GB, 12 GB, 20 GB, four GB, three GB, and five GB, List the packages and their codes. We have also provided you with answers to all the related queries. We are sure that by reading this article you will have come to know the complete information about Jazz Tik Tok Monthly Packages.


Q1: How Much Does The Jazz Monthly TikTok Package Cost?

Answer: The monthly TikTok package will be available at different prices. This monthly package will get you different MB different codes and different prices. You get five GB three GB four GB 12 GB and 25 GB; Packages will also be available.

Q2: What Is The Jazz TikTok Package Monthly 3 GB Code?

Ans: If you want to know about Jaz Tik Tok Monthly 3GB Code. So we will let you know its complete details. You can get a 3GB TikTok monthly code by dialing this code *11731# from your mobile phone dial pad.

Q3: What Is the Jazz TikTok Package Monthly 5 GB Code?

Ans: Want to know about Up Jazz Tik Tok Monthly Package 5GB Codes? So you can subscribe to your 5GB monthly TikTok package by dialing this code 1171# from the dial pad of your mobile phone.

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