Do you want to get the lowest price and best internet package from Jazz? Are you worried about an expensive internet package and limited data? So now you don’t need to worry because your worries will be solved by reading this article of ours.

We have brought you three different internet package subscription codes for two hours of this service. The details of which are given below in this entire article. With many details, this bundle is capable of meeting all your data needs keeping in mind the budget of the bundle. Now you will get 1GB of data at a reasonable price of Rs 10 only. Which is very useful for two hours.

When you read our entire article, you will get the best bundle information for a two-hour internet package. You can use it whenever you want. We will also give you complete information about the two-hour internet package of Jazz. So stay connected with us if you want to say goodbye to the worries of data loss. Because we find the best internet bundles for you and serve you. Read the article to know the details of the package.

Jazz 2 hour Internet Package 2024

There are currently three different two-hour jazz packages available for Up Front. Which has been introduced by Jazz Company for its customers. All three packages can be had at a very low cost. These three bundles are limited to YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook. If you need all usage or browsing general MB then you can subscribe to Jazz’s hour internet package below.

Jazz YouTube Package 2 Hour

YouTube Jazz gives you 1GB of data for just 10 PKR in a two-hour package. Subscribe to this code on your mobile phone and enjoy your favorite YouTube package at an affordable price whenever you want.

Jazz YouTube Package 2 Hour
Package NameJazz Sashay offers a Youtube
PriceRS 10 including tax
Data1024 MBs
Validity120 minutes
Jazz 2 hour internet package code*220*2*1#

Jazz 2 Hour WhatsApp Package

Jazz Company is introducing a WhatsApp two-hour package for its users. The price of this bundle is only Rs 10 inclusive of tax. This package provides 1 GB of data to the app. This video can be used for audio status etc.

Jazz 2 Hour WhatsApp Package
Package NameJazz Sashay offers WhatsApp
PriceRS 10 including tax
Jazz 2 hour internet package code*220*1*1#
WhatsApp Mbs1024
Validity2 Hours

Jazz Two-Hour Facebook Package

Jazz is providing a two-hour Facebook package for its users. This package is the most used bundle out of all these options. The price of this bundle is only Rs 10. You can use it for two hours to meet all your Facebook-related needs. This package gives you 1GB of data.

Package NameJazz Sashay Offer Facebook
Jazz 2 hour net package code*220*3*1#
Internet volume1024MBs
Validity120 Mints

Sashay Offers Terms Of Agreement

  • The data limit for these small packages is 1 GB.
  • This package can be used only for up to 2G 3G, and 4G service.
  • You will also be charged tax for these packages
  • This bundle will provide high-speed internet.
  • After these 10 24 MBs usage seconds, you will be charged a nominal price per MB.
  • There are no hidden or additional charges of any kind.
  • You can check if 4G service is available in your area by dialing the code *4431# from your mobile phone dial pad.

You can use all these bundles that are specified to you for a particular app. If you want to use all types of data. So an hour of jazz internet is a great option for a bundle-up.

Jazz 1-Hour Internet Package

With Jazz Super Ghanta Up offer, you can get 1GB of internet data for just Rs.15.

Package NameJazz 1-Hour Internet Package
Jazz 1 Hour Internet Package Code*638#
Balance Needed15 Pkr
Data1 Gb
Validity60 Mints

All this information that we have brought to you. This Jazz Internet package was about two hours long. If you want to know about complete internet packages then you can also visit our detailed blog post.

Benefits Of Jazz 2-Hour Internet Package

Jazz service provides its customers with a two-hour net package with many benefits. Users who want similar and better data packages. For them, it makes attractive bundle choices. It provides numerous benefits to its users. It strives to offer a superior choice to its customers. Here we provide you with information about some important benefits of Jaaz.

Affordable Price

This is one of the most important and attractive aspects of this two-hour internet jazz package. It provides incredibly affordable prices for its customers. We have shared from the bundle up. If you want to specify any of these bundles. So its cost is only 10 rupees. This ensures an unbeatable pricing strategy. This service chooses packages keeping in mind the budget of its customers.

Enough Data For 2 Hours

You have this package which is a two-hour internet package with 1 GB of data. Which makes you believe that? That you have enough data that you can use for two hours without any problem. Whether you want to speed up your online work in it, video calls, latest news, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok video enjoyment. Or researching something you can freely enjoy this two-hour package. Now you can avoid the worry of internet package expiry and choose this package offline.

No Timing and Area Restrictions

This internet package that Jazzup is providing. We also tell you one more important advantage. Now you have no option of region or time restriction to subscribe to this package. It means that you are in any region of Pakistan, in any place, be it nighttime. Or the time of the day, I am sitting in any corner of Pakistan, whether I am at home or outside at work, they are walking. So you can subscribe to this package.


This is the purpose of writing this entire article. Let us give you the full details of this two-hour internet package from Jazz. We have explained the complete details of this package to you. This package is limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube. To subscribe to this package, you must have Rs. 10 in your SIM Violet. If you want to know about internet package. So visit the official website of Up Jazz it is a better choice for you.


Q1:What Is Jazz Internet Package 15 Rs?

Ans: Do you want to know about the Up Jazz Internet Package Rs.15? So we will tell you its complete details. To subscribe to this package, dial this code *638# from your mobile phone’s dial pack

Q2:What Is Jazz 1 GB Internet Package?

Ans: Do you want to know about Jazz’s 2-hour internet package? So we will give you its complete information. It gives you 1GB of data.

Q3:What Is Jazz’s 2-Hour Internet Package Code?

Ans: There are three types of codes for the Jazz Two-Hour Internet Package. YouTube number one; WhatsApp number two; And provides you with an add-on for Facebook.

  1. YouTube *2202*1#
  2. WhatsApp *2201*1#؛
  3. Facebook offers *2203*1#

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